Another great way to shop for the most convenient best prices when putting together a training pack for martial arts or for fitness training is to buy one of the Universal Self Defence training packs that are available.

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If what is in the training pack suits your needs then it is much easier and works out cheaper than buying the items individually. If you require a large quantity of training packs for your gym or martial arts club look for bulk buying discount pricing or just contact us and ask for a quote. The most popular training packs available at the Universal Self Defence web store are Boxing Packs, Classes Start-up Packs, Fitness Training Packs, Kickboxing Packs and MMA Packs which are all well designed good value high quality packs.

Boxing Packs
The most important piece of training equipment for boxing is the gloves used for sparring and gloves used for punching focus mitts, boxing balls and punching bags. Other pieces of equipment that would go well in your personal boxing gear kit pack are focus mitts, hand wraps, head guard, mouth guard and skipping rope. At Universal Self Defence you have very simple boxing training packs consisting of a pair of boxing gloves or bag mitts and focus mitts with or without a skipping rope &/or hand wraps. There is also boxing packs with a larger hand held round shield target, head guard and boxing gloves pack, body guard and focus mitts pack for trainers and a boxing speed ball kit which includes the boxing ball, swivel and lightly padded hand mitts to protect your knuckles.

Classes Start up Packs
One great way to kick off your Universal Self Defence training and to learn martial arts is to purchase a Classes Tryout or Start-up Pack. With every one of these packs you receive a bonus instruction dvd which not only adds to the value of the pack but gives you a big advantage over starting without any additional instruction at all. No uniform is required to start-up so you are right to go with just the 4 Self Defence Classes Tryout Pack. Or alternatively you can purchase the Complete Self Defence Classes Tryout Pack, which will gives you six classes and includes a uniform so you will look the part from the word get-go. But if you are really serious about starting up Universal Self Defence and learning martial arts then you might as well get the Ultimate Self Defence Classes Start-up Pack which includes the uniform, member's manual, registration, 8 classes & the bonus instructional dvd video.

Fitness Training Packs
Everyone has different fitness training needs and aspirations so there are many different types of Fitness Training Packs made available at Universal Self Defence. Sometimes we need to train for more agility, strength and flexibility other times we need to work on our raw power and endurance. Whether you do mostly indoor or outdoor training or both, or maybe you need to travel and setup your gear quickly, or you could be setting up a personal gym at home or are starting out with a new personal training program. Yes our fitness training needs do vary a lot and are constantly changing and evolving to meet our current goals. As our skills improve and we get fitter and fitter and more confident this leads to even bigger and better challenges, so your personal training gear must not only to keep track of where you are at but also more importantly where you want to go. Have good look at the Universal Self Defence fitness training packs, as there could be one that’s just right for your journey.

Kickboxing Packs
Kickboxing doesn’t require whole lot of fancy equipment to hone your fighting skills and do the job of providing an exhausting challenging workout. Universal Self Defence have put together some simple basic training kits with the most popular gear needed to train and start-up kickboxing. The Kick Boxing Workout Training Packs consists of a kick shield, focus mitts, bag gloves, hand wraps, skipping rope and just for a bit of fun there is a mini novelty pair of boxing gloves. There is also a pink pack to keep some of the girls happy, but if you are not into pink then the girls can use the standard colour pack. There are also a couple of kick boxing training packs designed more for the coaches with a body guard protector and focus mitts &/or kick pads as they are often used together to provide more realistic target practise for the fighter.

MMA Packs
The popularity of MMA mixed martial arts in recent years has been extraordinary. As many different styles of martial arts are incorporated into the MMA training there is a vast amount of equipment that can be utilized. Because of the huge variety of martial arts equipment that is available putting together your own MMA training packs can be quite a challenge in itself. At Universal Self Defence there are several MMA training packs that may help getting your own MMA gear for training and sparring started. There is even a specific Morgan MMA training pack designed for the ladies with 2 tone pink/black MMA gloves, focus mitts, skipping rope and mini boxing gloves. The Smai MMA fighters and competitor’s packs designed mainly for gym sparring and competition are also good value and include MMA shorts, rash guard top, gloves and shin/instep pads.

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