Like all of their products Hayabusa has the finest quality MMA gloves and are made with premium grade leather for maximum durability.

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There is a great range available of Hayabusa MMA gloves at the Universal Self Defence online web store, and for those who don’t like to comprise on quality and performance, Hayabusa is always second to none. The most important piece of equipment for any MMA fighter would have to be the gloves that every fighter needs to wear to protect their hands during intense sparring matches or when working out on the punching bag or focus pads. For those who take their martial arts very seriously then choosing Hayabusa gloves is an easy choice. Yes you can buy cheaper gloves to do the job, but in a long run you are much better off spending a little bit more for the higher performance gloves that are not likely to let you down and are going to last much longer. And with Hayabusa’s unique MMA gloves designs you can take even more pride when training hard as you know your Hayabusa MMA gloves look as good as you feel.

Hayabusa MMA Gloves

Hayabusa provides everything that goes into what makes a great pair of MMA gloves. The most advanced gloves on the market being the Tokusha series 4 oz MMA gloves which feature high performance engineered leather with Deltra EG™ inner core so the gloves are very flexible allowing you to effectively grab and grapple while still having enough protection for the hands when punching. The comfort and quality is really like no other MMA glove with the exclusive Y-Volar design, patented Dual-X wrist closure and Ecta carbonised bamboo lining.

Hayabusa Boxing Gloves
The Tokushu series boxing gloves are truly in a class of their own being ergonomically designed by Hayabusa for professional MMA training and stand up sparring. With the most important performance characteristics the high resilience Deltra EG™ inner core has been scientifically proven to have the highest level of glove impact protection. For superior cutting edge results Hayabusa boxing gloves are proven by science in combat performance and are university tested. Hayabusa boxing gloves have been fully endorsed by none other than the MMA legendary fighter George St-Pierre UFC welterweight champion.

Hayabusa Hybrid Gloves
Another great MMA glove from Hayabusa is the 7 oz Tokusha Hybrid gloves. These are the ultimate multi-purpose MMA training gloves as you can easily switch from non-stop striking targets, to stand up free sparring, to grappling without having to change your gloves. All the usual Hayabusa scientific testing, research and development have been put into these MMA hybrid gloves to make them the most comfortable ergonomic fit and provide peak striking and sparring performance whether you are standing up or fighting on the ground.

Hayabusa Bag Gloves

The ideal boxing glove for working out on the punching bag would have to be the Hayabusa Pro 10 oz Bag Gloves. They are engineered and designed exclusively for fast powerful punches and are great for both intense pad and bag work. Full leather construction, premium lining, high performance padding, natural curvature, breathability, tight adjustable wrist strap all adds up to being the most comfortable, supportive and secure fitting boxing gloves ever made for pounding away on your punching bag!

Hayabusa MMA Gloves Sizing
Like all the martial arts and fitness products at Universal Self Defence you just need to click on the products, and read the full product description, which includes any applicable size charts before you choose your product and size and make your purchase. Hayabusa MMA gloves are in adult sizes and go by the size of your hands and are usually available in small, medium, large or extra large. Hayabusa MMA boxing gloves sizing goes by the size of the gloves as all sizes fit most adult size hands and are usually available in 10 oz to 16 oz sizes. All the MMA gloves wrist support Velcro straps are easily adjustable so you can achieve the most comfortable and secure fit. Basically the bigger you are the bigger the size gloves you should wear. Often fighters favour the larger size gloves for more protection and endurance when training and also to accommodate wearing gloves over the top of protective hand wrapping.

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