For those who do not like to comprise on quality and performance, there is a great range of Hayabusa MMA gear available at the Universal Self Defence online web store.

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Every MMA fighter to needs take to the gym their own personal MMA gear and there is no MMA brand that they trust more for all their MMA gear than Hayabusa. Some of the most popular MMA gear from Hayabusa are hand wraps, foot grips, shin and instep guards, head gear guards, skipping ropes and mesh sports bags. Much of the essential equipment used in MMA training is to protect yourself against injuries so you can enjoy training consistently and being more competitive.

Hayabusa MMA Head Gear
One of the most important areas to protect when you are sparring or fighting is your head. Other areas of your body you can toughen up with your MMA fitness training but unfortunately you can’t do much to toughen your head and in fact the more injuries you get to the head the weaker and more vulnerable and fragile it becomes. Unfortunately your head being a nerve centre does not always repair itself so easily as muscle and bone and permanent neurological damage is a real risk. Avoiding being hit in the head as much as possible is the most important defensive skill you can develop not just when competing but when you are training as well. And when you do occasionally get hit to the head you want the best head gear protection available to lessen the damage. Too often in the past with poorly designed head guards it’s been a compromise. The more protection you had the more your head would get hit because you had less vision and your head become a bigger and slower target with the old style thick heavy head gear. Poorly designed head guards more or less defeated the purpose of wearing a head guard, whilst they would protect you well from superficial damage if you are getting hit more that means there is more internal damage. It is little wonder many fighters were reluctant to wear head guards. The Hayabusa Tokushu Series MMA Head Gear is the best example of how far we have come in the development of the functionality and the design of the modern day headgear. The new Hayabusa Tokushu head gear now ticks all the boxes as to what a great head guard needs to do to be effective. Great head gear all boils down to just 2 things, protection and freedom. You need to have the maximum amount of protection available without having to compromise with your vision and you still want the same freedom to be able move your head to avoid being hit and to be able to fight the way you normally fight. You can tell as soon as you put on the latest Hayabusa head guard that Hayabusa has once again done their homework and that they have listened to and understand what MMA fighters want. Not only does the new design give 30% more vision than before, it also has an exclusive Deltra-EG™ inner core so that even the most violent of strikes does not bottom out onto your skull. The biggest turnoff with bad fitting head gear is how it can move about and take your vision away. To stop this happening the Hayabusa Tokushu head gear has a patented T-Cross™ advanced closure system to keep it perfectly in place. Probably the best thing about the Hayabusa head gear is that whilst giving your head the best protection it does not feel bulky and it is so light and the fit so comfortable that after awhile you don’t notice you are wearing any head gear at all until it does its job when you really need it to.

Hayabusa Shin and Instep Guards
Hayabusa shin and instep guards are designed specifically for MMA sparring, either for full on standup kickboxing sparring or for mixed martial arts sparring switching from standup fighting to grappling and going to ground.

Hayabusa Hand Wraps
Hayabusa Mexican style hand wraps are a generous 5 metres long with elasticated material so they contour more to the shape of your hand. They have thumb loop and Velcro secure closure so it’s quick and easy to wrap and protect your hands and support your wrists.

Hayabusa Skipping Rope
Another great way to improve your timing, footwork speed, cardio and explosive endurance is with a Hayabusa Speed Jump Skipping Rope. As you would expect from Hayabusa the jump rope is of high quality with very comfortable non-slip padded handles and is kink free, so there is no need to fight with your skipping rope.

Hayabusa Mesh Sports Bag
To carry your Hayabusa MMA gear to the gym every respectable MMA fighter needs the appropriate Hayabusa Pro MMA Gear Mesh Sports Bag. Apart from being brand coordinated the Hayabusa sports bag is a great bag to have and carry around so you may just find yourself using it all the time. The whole construction is tough and durable and it has a water resistant inner pocket and features a fully ventilated mesh design to help let your sweaty damp gear dry out so it does not smell when you get home.

Hayabusa Sizing
Like all the martial arts and fitness products at Universal Self Defence you just need to click on the Hayabusa products, and read the full product description, which includes any applicable size charts before you choose your product and size and make your purchase.

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