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This Ultimate Start-up pack for beginners can be used at any one of our listed Universal Self Defence Academy class locations.
* The Ultimate Usd beginners start-up pack includes:
* 8 x Universal Self Defence classes
* 1 x Usda uniform
* 1 x Instructional Usda DVD video
* 1 x Usda members manual
* 1 x Usda members registration

Universal Self Defence uniform Size/Your Height Range in cm:
000/100-115, 00/110-125, 0/120-135, 1/130-145, 2/140-155, 3/150-165, 4/160-175, 5/170-185, 6/180-195, 7/190-205

Great gift for a family member or friend.

The perfect start up pack for those who are serious about learning self defence and martial arts with the Universal Self Defence Academy.

The Ultimate Self Defence classes start-up pack must be activated within 6 months from the date of purchase.

Masters Tips:
Click on CLASSES in the top main menu bar to find out where and when your nearest Universal Self Defence classes are and for all the class details.

Universal Self Defence uniform Size/Height Range is for the average light to medium build person.
For slim build favour smaller size, for broad build favour larger size.

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