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Colour: red/black
Size: adjustable 3 metre
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Top quality Morgan Typhoon speed rope pvc coated steel wire skipping rope.
* Lightweight high speed skipping rope with independent rotational steel ball bearing ends to give you a consistent maximum speed and smooth reliable action.
* 3 metre adjustable length steel wire core cable coated with a thin layer of pvc for more speed and durability.
* 120 gm lightweight construction with twist and kink resistant wire core cuts through the air much faster than traditional skipping ropes increasing your speed and endurance.
* Ultra light weight slim line 15.5 cm long x 1 cm wide aluminium handles with a rubberised textured grip surface so the handles fit more snugly in your hands.
* Pvc coated wire skipping ropes must always be used on smooth non abrasive floor surfaces.

The Typhoon Speed Wire Skipping Ropes are designed for athletes who want the fastest high performance skipping rope for the ultimate speed and endurance workout.

Masters Tips:
Warm-up first and never skip barefoot on hard surfaces for long periods of time to avoid repetitive strain and impact injury to bones, tendons, muscles and joints.
Play your favourite music, try different footwork and time skipping rounds according to your fitness goals. Makes training a lot more fun.

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