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Size: 3 metres approx.
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Top quality leather skipping rope with weighted handles.
* Very comfortable soft foam weighted handles with ultra quick ball bearings makes this skipping rope a pleasure to use the way it sits perfectly in your hands whilst it gives your forearms and wrist an extra good workout.
* The weighted handles are approx. 200 grams each.
* Approx. 3 metre (295-305 cm) full length from end to end of the weighted handles.
* Ideal skipping rope for long skipping sessions and for endurance fitness training as the weighted jump rope works both your arms and legs to accelerates your cardio fitness level.

This 400 gms professional grade leather skipping rope with the added feature of having non slip weighted foam handles is ideal for the experience skipper that wants a more intense skipping workout to achieve better results in a shorter amount of time.

Masters Tips:
Warm-up first and never skip barefoot on hard surfaces for long periods of time to avoid repetitive strain and impact injury to bones, tendons, muscles and joints.
Play your favourite music, try different footwork and time skipping rounds according to your fitness goals.
Makes training a lot more fun.

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