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Code: MBP-CM5
Colour: Red trim or Pink trim
Size: Small, Medium or Large gloves
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Professional quality Morgan Endurance boxing fitness training combination pack with extra tough and durable curved boxing bag glove mitts and boxing focus pads that are perfect for professional personal fitness trainers and boxing fitness training groups.
* Choose to have either a red or pink colour trim with the latest Morgan Endurance colour designs
* This boxing gloves and focus pads pack has been engineered specifically for elite boxing fitness and combat sports and for high usage personal training groups
* Ergonomically designed for peak performance and comfort for both the pad holder and the puncher with advanced shock absorbing technology that protects both the muscles and joints with multilayer high density EVA inner padding
* The Endurance focus pads are light, easy and comfortable to hold with the inner palm ball and feature an advanced Ergonomical design that has a specially elevated wrist wedge pad for added comfort and support and improved wrist strain protection
* The Endurance bag mitt gloves are an exclusive precision Mexican cut bag mitt design with a 6.5 cm or 2.5 inch wide military grade Velcro, hook & loop wrist closure strap and has a solid 4 cm thick multilayer inner padding and features a deluxe mesh insert in the palm area for maximum ventilation

This Morgan Endurance boxing focus pads and boxing bag gloves boxing pack from Universal Self Defence is the perfect boxing fitness training combination pack designed for professional trainers who want the best high performing and most durable long lasting focus pads and gloves.

Also this boxing pack makes the perfect gift for any dedicated athlete that would appreciate having a set of high quality boxing fitness gear.

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