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Colour: blue, red or pink
Size: Small to X-Large
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Top quality Morgan Classic kick boxing and martial arts fitness essential basic training packs.
* Excellent training pack for personal use or for new martial arts club membership or for start up cardio fitness training programs
* Includes one curved strike shield, one pair of focus mitt pads and one pair of bag mitt gloves
* Training pack colour combinations may vary from the product display photos depending on availability

Classic Pack Bag Mitt Gloves Size/Width around knuckles in cm:
XS/13-16, S/15-18, M/17-21, L/20-24, XL/23-27

This Morgan Classic Kickboxing Fitness Pack is the perfect basic combination consisting of the most essential gear you need to get you going with your serious fitness training drills.

Whether you are just starting out or if you have been training for quite awhile this Morgan Classic club start up pack is ideal for most types of martial arts, MMA and Muay Thai kick boxing training or for cardio fitness training.

The advantage of buying a well designed kick boxing fitness training pack such as this one is its so convenient to make the one purchase and get all in one go a whole bunch of top quality essential kick boxing gear you know you need and will use and its much more economical than buying all the same items individually.

Morgan Classic Kickboxing Fitness Packs are also a great gift idea for any martial artist, MMA, kick boxing and fitness enthusiast.

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