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Code: MTP-05
Colour: red, blue or black
Size: Small to X-Large gloves
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Top quality Morgan martial arts, boxing and fitness training pack.
* Excellent start up kit for personal boxing fitness training or for boxing gym
* Includes curved bag mitt gloves, high density curved focus pads, boxing hand wraps and vinyl skipping rope
* Some training pack colour combinations and logo designs may vary from the product display photo
* The perfect gift idea to encourage boxing fitness training

Glove Size / Width around knuckles in cm:
S/15-18, M/17-21, L/20-24, XL/23-27

This is by far the best value boxing fitness kit available.

The quality of this Morgan Classic Boxing Fitness Training Pack is quite outstanding for the price and it is an ideal workout pack for starting up boxing or fitness training.

To get the most out of your boxing fitness training you need a well designed complete boxing training pack with all the essentials including good quality boxing bag gloves and focus pads for speed and endurance punching and hand wraps to protect your hands and wrist so you can go stronger for longer without causing injuries.

Also having a skipping rope in this Morgan boxing pack is really handy so you can really push your endurance and practise being lighter and more agile on your feet in-between punching the focus pads targets.

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