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Colour: black
Size: Small/30cm, Medium/46cm & Large/61cm high
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Top quality Morgan modular set of 3 Plyometric high density foam boxes.
* These foam packed Plyo boxes offer the highest level of safety for plyometric jumping.
* Perfect for depth jump training drills and various ballistic strength training exercises.
* Promotes incredible gains in explosive power and extreme endurance.
* Ideal training for high level athletes, martial artists and crossfit workouts.
* 3 step foam boxes are included in the unit price.
* Foam boxes come in a set of 3 and are not sold individually.

The Morgan foam plyometric boxes are made of high density EVA foam covered in heavy duty vinyl gives a firm and durable landing surface.

Each foam box has Velcro strips for secure stacking and carry handles so they can be quickly transported and neatly pack away when not in use.

To reduce impact on joints you should only jump off Plyometric boxes so you land on a shock absorbing floor surface and/or with shock absorbing shoes.

Approximate dimensions for 3 piece foam box set:
Small: 30 cm high 91 cm wide x 76 cm deep.
Medium: 46 cm high x 91 cm wide x 76 cm deep.
Large: 61 cm high x 91 cm wide x 76 cm deep.
Total Size: 137 cm high x 91 cm wide x 76 cm deep.

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