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Code: B231-Training
Colour: black
Size: 100cm high x 35cm wide x 12kg or 20kg approx.
Shipping: This product ships within Australia only

Top quality PVC MMA Smai Nugget Fitness Bag with one top handle and four handles on each side.
* Choose 12 kilo or 20 kilo weight size
* Very versatile multipurpose MMA fitness training bag used for weightlifting and core strength fitness training exercises
* Can also stand upright without being held
* MMA Smai nugget is not a full on ground and pound bag. If used under extreme conditions for example heavy pounding or throwing onto rough surfaces it will decrease the life of the nugget fitness bag
* Logo branding design may vary

f going to ground this bag must be used on shock absorbing foam mats to minimise damage to the bag and/or to the user

Unique hour glass torso shape bag ideal for MMA fitness training lifting, carrying, holding and striking with uppercuts, jabs, hooks, knees and elbows etc.

Dimensions: 100 cm high x 35 cm wide x 12 kg or 20 kg approx.

Masters Tips:
Always use good quality well padded MMA gloves and hand wraps to reduce impact on hands and joints and to prolong the life of your MMA Training Nugget fitness bag.
If you only focus on power you may have poor balance, accuracy, defence, footwork, timing, speed and endurance.
Real power comes when you are relaxed and focused only on correct technique.

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