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Ki Max Punch Master 2.0 Free Stand Punch Bag
5 out of 5 stars (1)
Code: B237N-PM
Colour: red with numbers or black with numbers
Size: 6 foot total height approx.
Shipping: This product ships within Australia only

Top quality SMA 6ft free standing KiMax Punch Master 2.0 punching bag with numbers.
* High density foam top with plastic base sitting on a solid PVC tube
* Ideal for target numbered combination drills
* Fill base with water or sand for maximum stability
* Excellent stability designed for typical light weight free sparring striking
* Great for speed, accuracy and endurance training
* Perfect for honing your 360 degrees sparring speed striking combinations
* May move with excessive force or if you push with your strikes.
* Ideal for supervised commercial use or for personal home training use with 1000 denier Rip Stop tough vinyl cover that is easy to keep clean and hygienic.

Care & Maintenance:
This is not a full contact slam bag or designed for hard hitting martial artists
Also not suitable for full power striking, kicking or hitting with batons or any hard or sharp object
Product is only designed mostly for light sparring with the use of protective padded gloves
No jewellery or weaponry should be used on the product as it may cause severe wear and possible serration of the product

To maintain this light weight hitting target spare replacement parts may be purchased after extended use.
Misuse of product is not covered by warranty
The KiMax Punch Master should remain stationary at all times especially whilst punching - the bag is not designed to be tilted or bent as the core is plastic. The KiMax Punch Master does not have a flexible centre. The top cannot be removed and used as a ground and pound bag.
If the bag is tilted on the side for training or rolled away for storage the base will break.
Moving of the punch master when filled with either sand or water is a two man operation. Please take care when lifting or relocating the punch master.

The Punch Master free stand bag is comprised of 3 parts. 1 x Base, 1 x Small black inner base tube & 1 x Foam top with Inner plastic grey cylinder which cannot be removed.
To assemble first insert Small Inner Base Black Tube through bottom of base. (Inner base tube is usually found inside the foam top and can be very tight fitting)
Position Base on the floor where you want to be using your bag.
Slip on the foam top; the inner grey cylinder will slip onto the black inner base tube.
Fill with water or sand for more stability.
Once the base is filled, to avoid damage, remember do not to tilt or roll the base.
Moving the punch master is a 2 man operation.


Approx. 140 cm x 42 cm top foam bag on top of a big capacity PVC base 40 cm high x 60 cm diameter. Total height 180 cm high including the bag and base.

Please ignore postage cost shown in shopping cart for this oversized bulky item as we may adjust order for cost of most economical reliable private courier delivery.
Note: Free standing punching bags are not available to countries outside Australia.

Masters Tips:
Always use good quality bag mitts or boxing gloves to reduce impact.
Don't focus on power.
Work on balance, accuracy, defence, footwork, timing, speed and endurance.
Real power comes when you are relaxed and when you have mastered all the elements.

5 out of 5 stars (1)
  • Ki Max Punch Master 2.0 Free Stand Punch Bag Awsome!!!!!

    Excellent Service, Fast delivery, Quality Product.
    What a great company to buy from, I'll be back !!!!!

    By: Belinda Brown on | Was this helpful?   (39/20)
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